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Did You Know?

If you’re looking for eye care in Barrie, we would suggest you to choose Barrie Vision Centre. We understand that your eyes are irreplaceable, and we treat them likewise. We’ve listed out some facts about eyes that you may find interesting.

Approximately a human eyeball weighs 28 grams and is of full size from the birth

Your eyes can distinguish 500 shades of grey

The giant squid has the largest eyeball, about 18 inches across

Although an ostrich’s eye is only two inches across, it weighs more than its brain

A worm has no eyes

A chameleon can move its eyes to look in different directions at the same time

Until about three months of age, babies don't produce tears when they cry

Your eyelashes have a lifespan of approximately five months (so, it will take you five months to grow it back if you pull them out)

Your eye muscles are the most active in the body (even more active than your tongue)

Even with light no brighter than candlelight, an owl can see a moving mouse from over 150 feet away

The daylight receptors assist colour vision, while the nighttime receptors (rods) are more motion-sensitive

Ants have a compound eye (i.e. an eye made up of smaller eyes)

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Source: Profitable Practice, Spring 2014, p.21.

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We understand that your eyes are irreplaceable, and they deserve the best care possible. That’s why we stock, sell, and recommend only tried-and-true brands. Some of the brands we carry include:

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