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From Our Most Recent Vision Therapy Graduate…

Here are what our most recent graduate has to say about her experience working with Vision Therapy:

“ I couldn’t be more thankful for this program. I have always had bad vision and then I had a major concussion and my life turned with everyday routines of headaches, eye pains, issues driving, bright lights, etc. I came to see if those things had anything to do with my eyes due to having symptoms still 6 months later and then i heard of vision therapy. I’m not going to lie it sounded crazy when i first heard it, but now that i am finished my everyday life has completely changed and don’t know the last time i have had any of those symptoms after i was about 3-4 months in. Yes, i won’t lie it isn’t easy and you need to be ready to commit to the exercises to strengthen your eyes and putting in work at home every day, but your end result is all worth it. The staff of the vision therapy makes the hard work fun and help you through so much that can be struggles to you. Would 10/10 recommend to anyone who may qualify for the program because you won’t be disappointed.”

A. Sinton


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